Bible Conference

It is that time of year again for our annual Bible Conference.  The Lord has blessed Calvary for the past 58 years of existence in a multitude of ways.  It is through the preaching of His Word that lives are changed!  This year we are honored to have a great group of God’s men to preach.  On Sunday Dr. David Gibbs will begin our conference at 10 AM and preach in all services.  Monday and Tuesday Dr. Kenny Baldwin from Baily’s Crossroads, Va is our preacher.  Then on Wednesday and Thursday, Brother Tate Throndson from Colorado will be bringing the messages.  I am privileged to know these men and honored to have them preach at our church.  Please be in prayer for their safety traveling and the messages the Lord will impress upon their hearts!


Missions is one of the most vital areas of ministry that every church should be involved in.  I am so thrilled that we are a “missions minded” church and the fact that the Lord has put it in the hearts of our people.  One had one of the best Missions Conferences we have ever experienced last weekend.  The fellowship on Saturday was fantastic with food prepared from all over the world.  Sunday was absolute bliessing as we were challenged from the Word of God.  Dr. Terry Ellis brought powerful messages and the young men presented their burden the Lord has placed on their heart.  May we keep a vision for Missions in our neighborhood as well as the world!

Winter Time

Winter has definitely arrived with frigid temperatures.  I do understand many will question whether or not we will be having church.  As a general rule the doors will be open, lights and heat on for those who will decide to come out.  PLEASE use your own discretion of safety before you venture out.  We will have our services online for your convenience as the Lord provides the means capable to do so.

Neighborhood Bible Time

The most exciting week of the year is here!! NBT Calling all young people, K-4 through 6th grade are having one of the most fun filled days with snacks, games, ribbons and more.  Registration begins at 9 am and the fun starts at 9:30.

All teenagers, 7th grade through 12th grade, intense games and free food, great fellowship and a Bible message every night.  Registration begins at 6 pm.  Please come and join us for the most thrilling week!!

Bible Conference

It is time once again for our annual Bible Conference.  I personally am excited for the time we can spend around the Word of God with the men of God who will be coming to preach.  Sunday evening March 19, Dr. Lou Rossi will be with us.  Monday Brother Jeremy Kobernat from Victory Baptist Church in Roanoke Rapids will be our guest. Tuesday Dr. Kenny Baldwin and Wednesday Dr. Lou Baldwin from Bailey’s Crossroads, VA.  Thursday Dr. Johnny Pope from Houston Texas will close out our meeting of great Biblical preaching that will stir our hearts.  Please make your plans to attend now if at all possible every service.  Don’t miss the blessing the Lord has in store for you!!

Christmas Time

Wow!  There are numerous events in our church that are exciting, but I do not know when we have had a more thrilling service as our young people presented “Born To Die” this past Sunday.  The youngest group sang remarkably well defining the moment for the entire audience.  When the teenagers took the platform, everyone was captive at the scene in heaven as the angels conversation was about the Son of God leaving.  The obvious purpose we know, it was for sinful man!  You can watch it again from our website.

However, the most wonderful conclusion to the evening was two adults came forward to accept Jesus as their Savior!  Wow!  We serve an amazing God who continues to save the lost who trust Him!

May we always remember the birth of the Savior during this most wonderful time of the year!


There are multitudes of things for which we are Thankful!  If we would simply take the time and concentrate on the spiritual things first.  Salvation includes so many areas of the spiritual life that it overwhelms me: eternal life, the forgiveness of sins, a glorified body one day, living in the presence of Jesus, and so much more.  Our lives have become so cumbered with stuff that we tend to bypass the value of Thanksgiving to our God.  May we take the time to open our heart and express our gratitude to the only true and living God of Glory!!

Teen Sunday

On November 6, we had one of the most incredible Sundays ever.  It was Teen Sunday and most all of our young people were involved in some capacity in the services.  How thrilling it was to see them prepared for singing a choir special, making announcements, providing special music, receiving the offering and preaching.  There has been an overwhelming positive response from the adults and the young people alike wanting it to happen again.  One lady said, “This is like revival, I have been so touched by the way these young people have handled the services today.”   It is exciting to watch them getting busy in their service for the Lord.  Our prayer is the enthusiasm will continue for weeks and months to come as the Lord is obviously working in lives within our church!  May the Lord bless you greatly in the coming days!

Fall has Arrived

As the cooler temperatures approach we are excited about the events planned for the season.  We will be having our annual BBQ & Stew October 22 which is always fun and filling with great food and fellowship.  The kids will have the opportunity to play games and our teenagers will be working toward a successful day of activities too help them for summer camp next year.

Our AWANA program has begun this year with anticipation of watching our young people grow in their knowledge of the Bible.  New families have joined our church and we are thrilled to have them as they are looking forward to serve the Lord in the many ministries we have to offer.

On October 23rd, we will have our very first Hispanic Ministry service.  Brother Leo Vasquez has been diligently working in the Hispanic community seeing several accept the Lord as Savior and building relationships for this exciting day.  Please be in prayer for he and his wife as they work to start a church for the Spanish speaking people of this area.

Summer Events

As the summer approaches, we anticipate the excitement of several events. Neighborhood Bible Time is one of the great highlights of our year that involve our young people from K-4 – 12th grades and many adults. The opportunity to reach out into the community to bring in hundreds of kids to this week is fulfilling. Most importantly sharing the Gospel and message of salvation through Christ. We look forward to the week of June 19th, make plans now to help or make sure your children attend NBT!